Pro-Russian opposition Montenegro claims victory

In Montenegro, the pro-Russian and pro-Serbian opposition has claimed victory in the parliamentary elections. If the opposition groups manage to form a government it would mean the end of a period of 30 years during which the pro-Western party DPS was in power.

After the polling stations closed, there was a neck-and-neck rush between the two blocks in the Balkan country. With almost all votes counted, the socialist DPS stands at 35 per cent and the opposition block ‘For the Future of Montenegro’ at 33 per cent. But because the opposition parties are more likely to be able to form a coalition with other factions, the chances seem good that they will come to power.

“The regime has fallen,” said opposition leader Zdravko Krivokapic after the first results came out. “Montenegrins, freedom has come!”

Orthodox Church

A majority in parliament requires 41 seats out of 81. President Milo Djukanovic fears that his DPS is probably just short. “We’re waiting for the official result to see which bloc gets the deciding 41st seat.” He says he respects the outcome “unconditionally”.

An important election theme was a controversial law of DPS, as a result of which religious organizations threatened to lose their churches, monasteries and estates. The Orthodox Church and opposition leader Krivokapic are vehemently against this law.