“Pro-Trump” attorney of stormers Capitol disappeared without a trace

A U.S. lawyer who assists several suspects in federal lawsuits has been untraced for days. According to The New York Times, John Pierce is representing more suspects than any other lawyer in the hundreds of cases related to the storming of the US Parliament Building on January 6, 2021, but seventeen cases are now silent because Pierce has not appeared in sessions around the so-called so-called so-called last week. Capitool stormers or does not respond to calls from federal prosecutors. Phone numbers from his office are closed according to different media.

Staff who appeared at sessions on behalf of Pierce gave a number of explanations for his absence. Pierce was supposed to be in the hospital after a car accident, an employee said. At another session, the same employee said Pierce is in hospital with serious Covid-19. Another colleague told a radio broadcaster NPR reporter that Pierce is in hospital due to severe dehydration and fatigue.

Pierce assists, among others, members of the infamous militia Proud Boys and Oath Keepers involved in the storming. He is said to be a pro-Trump populist who, in the run-up to the lawsuits, said he would prove that the FBI and U.S. intelligence were involved in the storming, with two deaths and more than a hundred injured, including dozens of agents. Pierce spoke of an inside job. Previously, Trump supporters tried to blame on supporters of the far-left Antifa.

With the Capitol attack, spurred by Trump, an angry and violent crowd wanted to prevent the election results that caused Trump to defeat. The Republican Mike Pence, who was vice-president at the time, was forced to flee. The supporters also went to Democrate Nancy Pelosi‘s office.

How the seventeen cases that are still due to Pierce’s absence have to go on is not yet known.