“Probably three points will be picked up again, well have them in advance.”

Thomas Verheydt tries to keep his head with ADO Den Haag. There‘s a lot going on behind the scenes, but the players get energy from that, says Verheydt.
The acquisition of ADO has not yet been completed and the club has already had to submit six points because the budget was out of order. There will probably be three points on Monday. How you deal with that? It’
s hard to explain, but we get a little power out of it, Verheydt tells ESPN.
It‘s likely that three points will be picked up again on Monday, and we’ll have them again. Sure it will make you despondent, but it‘s no different. We hope there will be clarity in three weeks so that we can play soccer quietly, says the striker. It’s been fine so far. If we keep winning matches, we might be able to do weird things.
ADO won 3-2 from FC Den Bosch on Sunday and has won the seventh win of the season. The club is now fourth in the ranking.