Problems due to abandoned ship with 200 million (!) liter of oil

Many people are concerned about a huge ship with 200 million litres of oil on board. It has been off the coast of the country of Yemen for years. The oil tanker slowly rusts away and as a result, all oil can leak into the sea.

The ship is called the MS Safer. The ship‘s crew left a few years ago and left the oil tanker behind. That has to do with a war in the country.

Aid organizations have been worried about the ship for a long time. If the ship breaks down and the oil enters the sea, it is a major environmental disaster for the animals and people who live there. Oil is very bad for the fish and coral in the Red Sea. And when the fish die, fishermen will run out of work.

Daisy Mohr works for the Youth Journal in Yemen and she spoke to the fishermen who have been having a hard time since the war anyway.

Aid organizations are eager to remove the oil, but because of the war, it is very dangerous in the area. The rebels don’t want other countries to come close to the ship.

As long as no one is allowed to go to the ship, finding a solution is difficult. Other countries, including the Netherlands, are talking to the rebels in the area. They hope that there will still be a solution in time.