Promes makes winning goal in cup final and cheering with Spartak fans

Quincy Promes has had a significant share in Spartak Moscows cup profit. The Dutch striker made the winning hit against Dinamo Moscow in the final.
Promes was allowed to appear at the kick-off in the Russian Cup Final. When the Dutch International showed up, it was already 1-1 by goals of Aleksandr Sobolev and Arsen Zakharyan. In the 72nd minute, Promes got the ball in a flowing counter. The outside player managed to overplay goalkeeper Igor Leshchuk, after which the completion was a breeze: 2-1. Promes sought out Spartak fans immediately after his goal.
In the absolute final phase Spartak received another penalty, but it was missed. As a result, Promes was the final goal scorer of the final. Spartak, by the way, only leaves a cup to victory in the final. Normally, the cup winner also enters Europe, but in the coming season it will be forbidden for all Russian teams to operate internationally.
In the Netherlands, Promes is prosecuted for attempted murder, after allegedly stabbing his nephew in the knee at a family party. Promes is also suspected of drug trafficking, domestic violence and participation in a criminal organization.

What a goal, what a moment.
โ€” FC Spartak Moscow (@fcsm_eng) May 29, 2022