Promes released after suspicion stabbing, not yet in Ajax selection

Footballer Quincy Promes has been released. According to the Public Prosecutor‘s Office, there are no grounds to ask the judge commissioner to hold the 28-year-old Ajax attacker and Orange-International longer.

Promes was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of involvement in a stabbing. He himself denies any involvement. “Promes has asked the police to investigate the matter by hearing witnesses, which has also been requested by the counsel to the prosecutor’s office,” writes his lawyer Manon Alms in a response.

Previously, the lawyer said that Promes was not there at the time of the stabbing.

Promes remains suspicious

The football player can wait for any trial freely, says the prosecution in a tweet, not mentioning the name of Promes. He‘s still a suspect. According to the state’s office, there is indeed evidence that he was involved in the stabbing, and that is being investigated further.

In Studio Voetbal Arno Vermeulen, Ibrahim Afellay, Theo Janssen and Pierre van Hooijdonk focused on the arrest of Quincy Promes:

Although he is available again in principle, Promes is not in the competition selection of Ajax for the cup duel with FC Utrecht, on Wednesday evening. The Amsterdam club is reluctant in the matter.

“ What we said on Sunday: he is accused, but that does not mean he is guilty. It goes without saying that a conversation with Quincy will take place first and we will not anticipate that now”, says Ajax in a response.

Cousin Promes victim

The stabbing took place in Abcoude in July. The victim was a cousin of Promes, who would have been stabbed in the knee after a skirmish.

The police were only told about the incident months later, after which an investigation was started and Promes was arrested.