Prominent Mafioso who committed assassination on Judge Falcone after 25 years of free

In Italy, former mafia figure Giovanni Brusca was released from prison after 25 years. He was in prison for the murder of Judge Giovanni Falcone in 1992, and the judge was one of the most important figures in the fight against the Italian Mafia.

The assassination attempt on Sicily, which detonated a bomb under Falcone‘s car, also killed the judge’s wife and three officers.

Brusca was known as the pig and the human slaughterer. Later he became a pentito; someone who provides information to justice. He confessed to involvement in 100 murders.

The police also received information from Brusca about the Mafia‘s deadly attacks in the 1980s and 1990s, involving members of the Cosa Nostra. Brusca also witnessed a case of alleged negotiations between Italian authorities and gang members to stop the attacks.

Anger about release

In Italy, many politicians and others have reacted indignantly to the release of Brusca. For example, Matteo Salvini of the Lega says that โ€œthis is not the right that Italy deservesโ€. Judge Falcone’s sister claims to be saddened personally to Italian media, but that this is the law that her brother would also have respected.