Prominent Republican accidentally put his passwords on Twitter

The prominent Republican Mo Brooks has blundered by posting his Gmail password and PIN on Twitter. During a heated conversation with a political opponent, Brooks shared a photo of his screen with a legal text from Alabama. What Brooks forgot for a moment was that on the bottom of his monitor there was also a pasted memo with his passwords.

It didn‘t take long to notice the data breach. Twitter users managed to zoom in on the image and read the credentials. The fact that Brooks is so sloppy with his data is, according to Twitter, extra saillant because he is part of two major Congress committees dealing with cybercrime and information technology.

When Brooks discovered the error, he quickly took the image offline and placed a new one with the passwords removed from photo. However, the suffering was already caused by massive copies of the contested tweet. Brooks has changed the passwords by now.

The Democrat Brooks was arguing with on the social platform wants to hold him responsible for storming the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

It’s not the first time American politicians have struggled with their passwords. In 2019, New York‘s ex-mayor Rudy Giuliani came in the news because he forgot his phone password. Guliaini, then just appointed Trump administration cyber-security expert, needed Apple’s help to get back to his records.

Also ex-President Trump himself made a slip in the online world: in 2020 his Twitter account was hacked because the password maga2020! was quite obvious. The abbreviation maga represents the slogan of Trump: ‘make America great again’.