Promotion duel gets out of hand: ‘750 men, half for Ajax, half for Feyenoord’

First graders WHC (Wezep) and Nieuwenhoorn (Hellevoetsluis) played a tumultuous promotion match on Saturday. A penalty shooting was supposed to bring the decision, but it was postponed due to disturbances around the field.
Both clubs played their game on neutral ground, the complex of OJC Rosmalen from North Brabant. Part of the hard core of Ajax comes from Wezep, while in Hellevoetsluis many Feyenoord fans live. The local police force kept an eye on things in Rosmalen. There were two security guards and one volunteer present, for a match with about 750 supporters, one half of which was for Ajax as well and the other half for Feyenoord. In consultation with them, colleagues from our unit went there during the competition, a spokesperson is quoted by De Stentor.
A number of fans present were misbehaving, the spokesperson notes. It was then thrown at each other with stones, poles and fireworks. On that, we split the groups. We received assistance from units from West Brabant and Eastern Netherlands, we were present with a lot of people. When the penalty series arrived, both supporters groups clashed with each other and fireworks were thrown.
After intervention by the police, the groups could be kept apart and the penalty kicks still took place, with Nieuwenhoorn as the winner. WHC chairman Henri van Beek apologizes for the damage caused, partly caused by fans of his club. They haven‘t behaved like they should. We will therefore not let OJC, the club that hosted this match, suffer the damage. That’s what we stand for as a club. In the meantime, as a board, we are considering further actions.

Happy New Year? No, a football game. #whcnie
— the Stentor Sport Apeldoorn & Veluwe (@Stentorsport_AP) June 25, 2022

Once again, it threatens to get out of hand between the excited positions on both sides. Are we still going to take penalties?
— the Stentor Sport Apeldoorn & Veluwe (@Stentorsport_AP) June 25, 2022