Properties The Hague searched for million-dollar fraud with care money

Yesterday, the Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (FIOD) searched two houses, a business premises and a storage box in The Hague in a major health care fraud investigation. The investigation involved the seizure of property, three cars and valuables such as jewellery and designer bags

Two employees of a bankrupt healthcare institution and a self-employed person are suspected of embezzling more than 3 million euros. They are also alleged to have committed bankruptcy fraud.

Suspects had houses rebuilt with care money

At that time, an investigation was already underway by the Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (FIOD), because the Tax and Customs Administration suspected tampering with income taxes. The Public Prosecution Service believes that the suspects declared substantial bills to the care institution for the renovation of houses belonging to themselves and their relatives.

They paid themselves a generous salary, set up the prosecutor’s office, and withdrew large amounts of cash. In order to account for all that, the suspects would have subsequently drawn up false invoices and falsified annual accounts.

The suspects have not been arrested. It is not yet known when the trial will take place.