Propose round: ‘In the beginning I had a lot of headaches. ‘

Every week we get to know a participant of the WOMAN Lekker in your vel-challenge 2021 better. This week its Ivonne van Beeks turn (49). Together with a friend, she participates in the challenge for the third time!

โ€œ Three years ago, my sports friend Christel saw the WOMAN Lekker come by in your field-challenge. Since then, we participate every year, mainly to reset. In the December month you often eat a bit more and in January you have to get back into a certain rhythm. It works very well when you start the year with such a challenge.

So again with Christel. It also helps a lot to do it together. Sometimes you are not quite sure of a recipe but the other one can urge you to just try it. Somewhere this week there was porridge on the menu for the morning. I never had to have any of that, but Christel urged me to make it and try it, and it was very easy for me!โ€


โ€œThe challenge so far pleases. However, at the beginning of the challenge, last Tuesday, I had a lot of headaches, but that is of course because all the sugars were leaving my body. A day later it was already a lot less and now its completely gone.

I have three teenage sons and a man who doesnt like everything all the time. Sometimes its just a little puzzling with the dishes I prepare. Especially my sons sometimes criticize the meals, but if they really dont like something, I make something different for them or do it myself. For example, all men in the house do not like mushrooms, so I prepare for them another vegetable.โ€


โ€œLast Saturday, I had a hard time because I had prepared for a Sin Saturday, so it was a cheatday. Then when I saw a smoothie with 70 percent vegetables and spinach banana pancakes, it didnt make me happy. Especially the latter is not so devoted to me. But when I saw the recipes of the second week, I became a little happier again, thats more my taste. I look forward to the weeks to come!โ€


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