Prosecutor: knife found in car shot man Wisconsin

In the car of Jacob Blake, the black man who was shot on Sunday night by a policeman in the American city of Kenosha, a knife was found. The Chief Prosecutor of the state of Wisconsin announced this at a press conference.

The knife was found on the floor of the car on the driver’s side, says the chief prosecutor. Blake also admitted that he was in possession of a knife, but the prosecutor did not disclose what kind of knife it was. Also not clear whether Blake wanted to use it, or whether the police knew that the knife was in the car.

The arrest of Jacob Blake was filmed by a bystander:

The Chief Prosecutor went into the first results of the investigation into what happened on Sunday.

The police tried to overpower Blake with a power gun, but that had no effect. Blake then walked around his car to the driver’s side and opened the door. Then a policeman pulled on his shirt and shot Blake seven times in the back. According to his family, he was permanently paralyzed.