Prosecutors Office to Investigate Much-Publicized NEC Banners

The KNVB professional football prosecutor has launched a preliminary investigation into the banners that were on display in the Goffertstadion prior to the Gelderse derby. It would be the canvas that had โ€œpure hateโ€ on it.
Legio Noviomagum, the NEC supporter group that makes the banners and prepares mood actions, showed two canvases. It featured ‘Pure Hat’ and featured a man with NEC outfit pointing a gun at an eagle, the Arnhem deer and an anxious type in a Vitesse shirt. That was a lot of criticism to the club.
Wilco van Schaik, managing director of the Nijmegen people, apologized in a personal statement for approving that banner. However, the KNVB does not think that enough and, according to De Gelderlander, has started a preliminary investigation into the canvases. The Union has confirmed that to the regional newspaper.
The KNVB states that it is not yet clear whether there will be a settlement proposal or sanction. That only happens when it is concluded that something criminal has been done.