Prosecutors want to call witness in trial against Trump

In the Senate trial against former President Donald Trump about instigation or failure, the prosecutors want to call at least one witness. It is a member of the House of Representatives who heard a telephone call between President Trump and the Republican leader in the House of Representatives during the storming of Parliament.

Republican delegate Jaime Herrera Beutler allegedly heard that Trump refused to come to the rescue of Congress during the storm of the Capitol on January 6. The president would have made that clear in a conversation with group leader Kevin McCarthy.

Possibly following further witnesses, the head of prosecutors declared Jamie Raskin shortly after the case was resumed on Saturday. Lawyer Michael Van Der Veen of the defense opposed the summoning of witnesses, but declared himself that he would bring witnesses if the Senate agreed. He screened with the names of the Mayor of Washington Muriel Bowser, President Nancy Pelosi of the House of Representatives, and current Vice President Kamala Harris.

The senators voted by a simple majority in favour of admitting witnesses and new evidence. Any witness would then have to be voted by the Senate every time. An absolute majority is needed every time.

It was expected that the case would be closed on Saturday with the closing arguments and a vote on whether Trump is guilty or not. The former President would probably have been acquitted because the conviction requires a two-thirds majority.

The end of the trial could be detrimental to the government of new-fangled President Joe Biden. Votes on appointments and laws can be delayed considerably. Republicans have indicated that this process must be completed before they wish to proceed to the order of the day. The Democrats have the smallest possible majority in the Senate.