Prosperous Universe economic MMO goes into early access

German studio simulogics announced the completion of the โ€œfirst accessโ€ phase for its Prosperous Universe economic space strategy. From February 24, the game officially goes into the early access stage. In early access, all players start first, from scratch.

Simultaneously, the game‘s creators introduce a subscription model with different variants of subscription sets. However, the game remains shareware and everyone can get acquainted with it.

Players will be in the not so distant future, in a fantastic, but at the same time realistic universe. In Prosperous Universe we have the role of managers of the space company, and only depends on us how our business will develop.

In the world of Prosperous Universe, the whole economy is formed exclusively by players . At the same time, to achieve prosperity will allow a wide variety of game styles: research, ship design, trade, mining, transportation services.

For the first time access to Prosperous Universe was opened in 2018, and a year later it was transferred to a free model. The creators of the game promise to do without microtransactions and the need for grind.

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