Protest in Iranian city of Isfahan against water shortage precipitated

A protest in the Iranian city of Isfahan has been knocked down hard by the riot police. The protesters had taken to the streets to support farmers who have been campaigning against the water shortage in the region in the middle of the country for a few weeks. An unknown number of people were injured.

The riot police intervened yesterday. Meanwhile, more and more clear about what has taken place. Social media shows police deployed tear gas and beat protesters with batons. There would also be hail shot at the protesters.

An Iranian news agency reported that it was about 300 protesters who threw stones and set fire to a police engine and an ambulance. According to an Iranian opposition movement in Paris, they would have scanned slogans against the regime in Tehran.

A number of protesters have been arrested. According to human rights organization Iran Human Rights, more than 120 people are detained. According to the organization, there have also been deaths in the violence.

The farmers have been protesting against the authorities they believe are responsible for the drought in their region for two weeks. This is caused by water from the Zayandeh Rud river being diverted to other areas. As a result, the river has dried up and the farmers are threatened in their existence. A pipeline that drains water to another province is regularly sabotaged.

The Iranian government is accusing water shortages to the most serious drought in decades, but critics argue that mismanagement worsens the problems. Protests against water shortages in the oil-rich southwest of the country also erupted in July. Then several protesters were shot dead in the province of Khoezistan.