Protest Myanmar costs girl (7) accidentally life, she is not the first

In the protests against the military junta in Myanmar, a 7-year-old girl was killed. She is the youngest victim to have fallen during the bloody confrontations in the country, which began in early February.

The girl was sitting on her fathers lap at their home in Mandalay, the second city of Myanmar, when a bullet flew through the house. Military men were targeting her father, says the girls sister to local media, but hit the wrong guy.

More and more child victims

It happens more and more often that children become victims of flying bullets. Yesterday, two teenagers died in the same city, 14-year-old Tun Tun Aung and 15-year-old Zaw Myo Htet.

Tun Tun Aung wanted to get some drinking water for his mother when he was hit at the front door of his house. Zaw Myo Het was working in a tea shop when a bullet hit him.

โ€œI am heartbroken,โ€ says Zaw Myo Hets mother emotionally near her sons coffin. โ€œThis army brutally murdered my son. I want to kill them, like they killed my son.โ€

Since the Myanmar army took power on February 1, thousands of people have been out on the streets every day for loud protests. At least 20 children have died, say human rights organisations. According to Save the Children, almost twenty children are being held prisoner.

According to general and army spokesman Zaw Min Tun, 164 protesters were killed in the bloody protests, but according to an observation group that controls arrests and deaths since the coup dรฉtat, the death toll is much higher.

The army leader says in local media that he regrets the number of deaths, but that he continues until โ€œanarchy is eradicated.โ€