Protest prevents arrests, Scottish Prime Minister angry at British Migration Service

In the Scottish city of Glasgow, hundreds of protesters yesterday prevented two arrested men from being transported from India. The crowd blocked a British immigration van for seven hours, in which the men sat. A protester had been lying under the vehicle.


the end, the Scottish police decided to release the men. That could count on loud cheers among the protesters:

The arrest of the men fell into the wrong throat of many protesters, because yesterday the Sugar Festival was celebrated. The neighbourhood in which they live is the โ€œheart of a large Muslim communityโ€, says Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

One of the protesters says that the protest was a result of the British Governments hostility . โ€œThe fact that this expulsion is happening on Eid, which is meant to be a peaceful party, is horrific,โ€ says another protester to The Guardian.

Many infections

Sturgeon praises the police for deciding to release the men. She also accused the British Government of creating a dangerous situation, among other things because of a large number of corona infestations in the area. The British Immigration Service is responsible for all immigration and expulsions throughout the United Kingdom, including Scotland.

According to the British Interior Ministry, the men were arrested on suspicion of violation of the immigration law, but it is not clear what their status is.