Protesters hit tingle with riot police in Montenegro

In Montenegro, protesters have succeeded with hundreds of riot police officers. The protesters disagree with the installation of a new head of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

The protesters tried to break through fences in the old capital Cetinje. Those barriers were set up for Bishop Joanikijes inauguration ceremony, which will take place tomorrow. His predecessor died of coronavirus consequences.

According to Montenegrin state television, protesters threw stones at the police and shouted, โ€œThis is Montenegro, not Serbia!โ€ The protesters are supporters of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church, which is separate from the Serbian. The government has called on to keep calm.

Riot police were ready to intervene:

Montenegro has been independent from neighbouring Serbia since 2006, but the Serbian Orthodox Church is still the dominant religious institution in the Balkan country, with 70% of Christians affiliated. Ties with Serbia and the role of the Church create ethnic tensions. A third of the population identifies as Serbian.

A month ago there were thousands demonstrated in Cetinje. The protesters then demanded that the blessing take place elsewhere, but the church did not respond to that call. The Serbian Orthodox Church had an important part in the demonstrations that eventually led to the fall of the previous pro-Western government. There are also pro-Serbian and pro-Russian parties in the cabinet.