Protesters succeed with police in Berlin

In Berlin, protesters were seriously hit with the police on Labour Day. Only late in the evening calm gradually returned. In other German cities there were only some incidents during events of both left-wing and right-wing organisations.

According to the police, about 5,000 demonstrators gathered in Berlins Neukölln district on Saturday. The security guards were prepared for the arrival of twice as many people. Some sources reported that that number was more than met.

It got out of hand when wheel turners started to pat the cops with bottles and stones and also attacked them bodily. Waste containers and pallets were set on fire at various locations. The police weathered, among other things, with pepper spray. Three cops were wounded by fireworks. Several rioters were arrested.

Left activists waved flags or armed with protest boards. They were screaming slogans at the police. With megaphones, this called on the protesters to adhere to the corona rules, including one and a half meters away from each other. Many of them were fooling and demanded, among other things, immediate resumption of social life and free employment for sports clubs.

In elsewhere in the country

Also elsewhere in the country were similar manifestations. In Hamburg, the police scatted a gathering of hundreds of left-wing activists for the Rote Flora cultural centre with the help of a water cannon. Later, an unauthorised demonstration in the Lohmühlenpark was put to an end. Dozens of visitors were arrested.

In Frankfurt, 3000 people held a protest march. A number of participants were arrested for throwing fireworks and assaulting the police. Here, too, the water cannon was used. Similar incidents were reported in Leipzig and Erfurt.