Protests against France in Pakistan, road to capital Islamabad closed

In Pakistan, again there is a demonstration against France. In Rawalpindi, a city about 20 kilometres south of capital Islamabad, yesterday about 5000 protesters were on their feet and today about 1000.

As yesterday, the authorities have closed a main road to the capital of Islamabad. The protesters gathered today at the roadblock. Commuters had to detour and had long delays.

The protests are organized by a right-wing religious political party. Telephone services were blocked for more than 24 hours so that organisers could not communicate with each other, but now they are back in the air.

A journalist tweeted these images from Rawalpindi yesterday:

Last month, the French teacher Samuel Paty was beheaded by a radicalized Muslim, after using cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad as material in a lesson on freedom of speech. President Macron then announced measures to tackle Muslim extremism more strongly.


protest, Muslims in several countries took to the streets and called on Turkish President Erdogan to boycott French products.