Protests against the free of man who pushed Jewish woman off balcony in Paris

In Paris and other French cities, thousands of people have demonstrated against the decision of the highest French judge not to prosecute a man who murdered a Jewish woman.


was also demonstration in other countries, including in Israel and the Netherlands.

Thrown from balcony

In 2017, the 65-year-old Sarah Halimi was abused by her neighbor and pushed off a balcony in her apartment in Paris. He would have called Allahoe akbar, Arabic for โ€œGod is greatโ€.

The Court of Cassation announced earlier this month that there is enough evidence that the man had an anti-Semitic motive and there was also a confession from the man.

Nevertheless, the court ruled that the man cannot be punished because he was completely insane due to prolonged use of cannabis. According to the court, therefore, the death of the woman cannot be criminally charged.

The man is staying in a psychiatric facility.

Call for protest

Today is exactly four years after Halimis death. Jewish and other organizations inside and outside France had called on to seize this day to commemorate it and to protest against the judgment of the court.

In Paris, it was on the Place du Trocadรฉro, close to the Eiffel Tower. Halimis son and brother had come across from Israel to attend the demonstration, writes The Jerusalem Post. At the house where she lived, flowers were laid.

The victims brother addressed the protesters:

In the Netherlands there were demonstrations in Amsterdam and at the French Embassy in The Hague. The director of the Israel Information and Documentation Centre (CIDI), Hanna Luden, left a letter there for the French ambassador.

President Macron wants the law changed. โ€œIf you decide to take drugs and then go crazy, in my opinion it should not take away your criminal responsibility,โ€ he said in an interview with the newspaper Le Figaro.

Minister Dupond-Moretti of Justice wants to come forward with a bill at the end of May to fill this gap in the legislation.