Prototyperaket of SpaceX explodes once again upon landing

For the second time in two months, a spaceX missile exploded in a test.

Prototype SN9 of the Starship missile left without problems from the launch base in the U.S. state of Texas. After the reusable missile reached a height of 10 kilometers within about 5 minutes, the aircraft began a controlled fall down horizontally as planned.

The intention was that the SN9 would rotate vertically in the final part of the test, in order to land at the launch base. But after turning on the engines again, the rocket did not turn and fell to the ground. One of the engines may have failed.

There was a big bang and fireball:

During a test in December last year with another prototype – the SN8 – the missile turned, but it hit the ground too hard, after which an explosion followed.

After that incident, Spacex boss Elon Musk spoke of a successful test. All the necessary data were collected. โ€œMars, here we come!!โ€ , he tweeted.

The Starship missile plays an important role in the ambition of its company and US space agency NASA to transport people and cargo to Mars and to the Moon in the future.

It‘s not clear how Musk looks at today’s trial. He told us yesterday to leave Twitter โ€œfor a whileโ€. SpaceX has also not yet notified about the test.