Proud Jansen has bad news for Van Gaal: ‘Think the Orange is too early now’

AZ trainer Pascal Jansen is proud of his defense after the victory over Ajax. Milos Kerkez, among others, receives compliments, the left-back managed to play Ajax captain Dusan Tadic out of the game. Jansen also speaks about Bruno Martins Indi and Jordy Clasie.
After the resounding 2-1 victory at Ajax, Jansen gets the question of who he is most proud of. โ€œWhen I have to choose, I‘m extremely proud of Milos Kerkez,โ€ he starts opposite DecceIT. โ€œHe played against one of the league’s best attackers (Dusan Tadic, ed.). This also applies to the two alongside him, Sam Beukema, Pantelis Hatzidiakos and Bruno Martins Indi, also in a phase. They‘ve restrained the league’s best attackers.โ€
Jansen disagrees with the suggestion that Owen Wijndal is not missed in Alkmaar. The left back just left for Ajax last summer. โ€œWe do miss him, his jokes, jokes and qualities. But he made different choices, that‘s how it works. We have Milos and Mees (de Wit, ed.) now and we are very satisfied with that.โ€
Later, the AZ coach talks about the Orange at the press conference. Martins Indi was injured against Ajax and seems to miss the Netherlands’
international matches. โ€œI think the Orange is coming too early now,โ€ says Jansen by De Cceit. Clasie, who was called up earlier, is not with the Orange this time anyway. โ€œBut it came as no surprise to me that he is not in the final selection. Because sometimes I hear something. No, that‘s not mysterious. But I don’t need to tell you that. I thought he was playing a good match against Ajax.โ€