Pruning is ready: “I want to get into a club with ambition”

Mike Snoei was fired by De Graafschap after the failed promotion and has been at home for a few months. The 58-year-old trainer is asked if the weather starts to itch.
Snoei was a trainer at De Graafschap for two seasons. The assignment was clear: getting a PhD to the Eredivisie. But that went dramatically wrong. De Graafschap no longer saw a perspective to go into a third year with Snoei.
I miss working with young people, interacting with the people who facilitate you. I miss the tension in the dressing room, having to perform. I miss those football crazies who sometimes went over the edge with their mood actions, when we suddenly stopped on the A18 , says Snoei to the Gelderlander.
I‘m top fit and would like to get back on the field. That’s going to happen, but I want to get into a club with ambition. The jobs are not up for grabs, maybe I should go abroad again.
Pruning is now an analyst at ESPN.