PS Plus subscribers will receive 4 games in March, including Final Fantasy VII remake for PS4

Sony announced a March selection of PS Plus, which included four games at once – the bonus was Farpoint for PlayStation VR. So, from March 2, subscribers of the service receive: Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4) The blockbuster released in April last year received warm reviews from critics and fans, and also sold extremely impressive circulation. Already on June 10, the game will be re-released on PS5 – owners of the original will be able to update for free, but with the version for PS Plus so nail.

Maquette (PS5) Recursive Puzzle Maquette from eminent indie publishing house Annapurna Interactive. A feature of the game is to manipulate tiny objects that directly affect similar huge objects.

The game will appear in the PS5 subscription at the same time as the release. It is also released on PS4 and PC.

Remnant from the Ashes (PS4) Co-operative action with elements of Dark Souls from the creators of Darksiders III, which was published by the famous firm Perfect World Entertainment. The project also received warm feedback from players and sold an impressive print run, exceeding the expectations of developers and the publisher.

Farpoint (PS VR) Sci-Fi shooter for virtual reality helmets with a blockbuster lure. The most controversial game of the compilation, as overall the draft was met cool.

Notably, once again PS Plus subscribers on the PS5 will receive the game at the same time as the release. This will happen again in April, when simultaneously with the release of Oddworld: Soulstorm will be distributed on the PS5.

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