PS5 and PS4 Sales, PS Plus Subscribers and Not Only โ€” Sony Report

Sony recently announced that the PlayStation 5 has already exceeded 10 million consoles, and has now revealed further details of its achievements in a fresh financial report. totaled 10. 1 million devices and the PS4 totaled 116.

4 million consoles. For the past quarter (early April to the end of June), PS5 shipments to stores totaled 2.

3 million and PS4 only 500,000 systems. This is 1.

4 million less than in the same quarter last year. In addition, PS Plus subscribers totaled 46.

3 million at the end of June, which is 1. 3 million more than it was a year of age.

If you talk about games, then last quarter for PS5 and PS4 combined sold 63. 6 million copies.

This is 27. 8 million fewer than the same period a year earlier โ€” 91.

4 million games. 10.

5 million projects out of 63. 6 million are games by Sony itself.

In comparison to last year, this figure decreased by 8. 2 million .

71% of total games sold in the figure โ€” previously the percentage was slightly higher, 74% . More on the Game Leak: Battlefield 2042 Far Cry 5 pre-system requirements will be available for free from August 5-9 Soupa finally added to Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare.