PS5 and Xbox Series X first compared โ€” results in Devil May Cry 5 are amazing

Digital Foundry first forehead compared PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X – the experimental became Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition. The results may surprise, since most of it is parity between both consoles. Graphically and technically, both versions are completely identical to each other, whereas in performance in most modes it is rather about the minimum advantages of a particular system.

Have a slasher on nextgen consoles 4 (!) performance mode. Two of them are with reitracing.

On both consoles, for some reason, frame lock is disabled, so enthusiasts are especially interested in comparing performance. We will not talk separately about each mode, because practically everywhere the picture is the same: in 3 out of 4 Xbox Series X has a slight advantage over the PS5, whereas in 120 FPS mode the PS5 takes the lead – in this mode Xbox shows itself in principle strangesince the frame rate difference can sometimes be up to 50 FPS.

Here in 120 FPS mode, Xbox Series X has completely unexpected drops to 74 frames per second, while the PS5 holds 120 frames. Another similar scene is in this location for Xbox for some reason, a stable much lower FPS.

And here is the reverse situation, where in the performance mode with reitracing the Xbox takes the lead, whereas the PS5 has a consistently lower frame frequency. Gameplay moments often between both consoles parity.

Digital Foundry note that the PS5 development environment remained the same with the PS4, only slightly evolved, whereas the Xbox Series has it completely new to the Xbox One, and โ€œnot all developers are happy about the changeโ€. This leads to the fact that for the PS5 now it is easier to develop games, especially if there is experience in developing under the PS4, whereas for the Xbox Series you have to learn a new toolkit, which in the first time can lead to less impressive results โ€” studios will take time to fully understand the new environment on Xbox.

With regard to Devil May Cry 5, many agree that Capcom did not put particularly much effort into optimizing the nextgen versions of the slasher. DF believes that the difference in performance between consoles logically should be greater, given the more powerful stuffing of Xbox.

By the way, contrary to initial reports, ray tracing appeared on Xbox Series X at the same time as the slasher release. Initially, it was promised to add only after the release.

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