PS5 starts generation with masthev โ€” Demons Souls remake scores above 90 points

Journalists slowly release the first reviews of Demon‘s Souls for PS5, which was expected to be warmly welcomed. Now the remake has 91-92 points on aggregators – the original 89 points on Metacritic. Novelty is praised for preserving the features of the original, but the embodiment at the technical level unseen before this – this is the first Soulslike that on release works without any problems and at the same time it looks incredibly beautiful.

Developers from Bluepoint have allowed themselves small improvements, but otherwise it is absolutely the same game as 11 years ago. Everything is the same demanding to the player, everything is the same dark, all the same in places archaic.

The user rating is also high, but the original on the tenth point above Among the innovations note excellent work with volumetric sound (it is advised to play in headphones), a cool implementation of the reverse recoil in DualSense and superior performance in both modes. Journalists agree that Sony’s decision to make the remake of Demon‘s Souls a PlayStation 5 launch project is extremely successful.

Like other Souls, hundreds of thousands or even millions of players will play it for months and years. โ€œDemon’s Souls is the best game at the PS5 launch, and I‘m sure it will go down in history as one of the best launch projectsโ€ โ€” The Gamer (100/100) .

Demon’s remake Souls is already on sale even in Russia, but the PlayStation 5 itself in the country will appear only a few days later, on November 19. More on CCeit The authors of the XIII remake apologized for the quality of the game media: Xbox Series X/S showed the most successful start among Microsoft consoles in England โ€œHeads do not liftโ€: Godfall authors promised the game a future.