PSG didnt even ask: do you want to stay for 1 euro? And Id played there for eight years.

Thiago Silva left at the end of August โ€” just before his 36th birthday โ€” transfer-free from Paris Saint-Germain to Chelsea, after having played in the French capital for eight seasons. The Brazilian defender has a bitter aftertaste, he tells in an interview with FourFourTwo.

Silva ran out of his contract and did not get the impression that PSG wanted to keep him inboard at all costs, on the contrary. โ€œThey didnt even ask me if I wanted to stay for one euro,โ€ says the 89-fold Brazilian international. โ€œOf course we were in the middle of a pandemic, but they had three months to prepare a farewell. And they wouldnt even have done that. While I had not played one season, but eight years. I was captain, and Ive kept countless cups in the air. I think I deserved more respect, just like Edinson Cavani.โ€
The same Cavani held it after seven years of PSG and even ran the Final Four of the last Champions League season. Silva remained inboard for a while and lost with PSG in the final of Bayern Munich. โ€œI told my manager that he could look for a new club, but that he could not tell me until our Champions League campaign was ready,โ€ he looks back. โ€œWhen the last whistle went in Lisbon, I immediately knew it was my last match for the club.โ€
Chelsea took off thanks to a charm offensive by โ€” the now dismissed โ€” manager Frank Lampard. โ€œWhen I gave my yes, he sent me a picture of the two of us from 2013, when we were captains of the national team shaking hands. He knew exactly what I needed because at 36 he made a similar transfer from Chelsea to Manchester City.โ€