PSV acquisition Zahavi: Ajax? Saw their comments, both of them know whos right

It was a remarkable welles-nietes game, with Eran Zahavi as the suffering object. Did Ajax try to hijack the 33-year-old striker in front of PSV? Or was the Israeli offered in the Johan Cruijff Arena and did the Amsterdammers say no, thank you?

Two sides of the same story, but the truth is not in the middle, as is often said. According to Zahavi himself, at least. Ive seen their comments too and to be honest I didnt like them, the goalgetter reacted during his presentation as a PSV member.

I say one thing about it and then I dont want to talk about it any more: we both know the truth. When I play with PSV there we have to look each other in the eye and then we know who is right. There is only one truth, not three or four

The questions about Ajax were an annoying interruption to a successful players presentation for PSV. Zahavi looked relaxed, was eloquent in English and got the laughs on his hand with a witty remark.

When Zahavi, who comes over from the Chinese club Guangzhou R&F, performs within the lines as well as behind the microphones, PSV has gold in its hands. I chose PSV because this is the club that wanted me the most. It is a good match. They play very offensive and go for the title

In that offensive style of play Zahavi would fit well, as a goalie pur sang. First of all, yes I am a striker and I like to make goals. That is my main quality. But Im a team player, I never score goals after a dribble or a few crazy moves

Zahavi also had a perfect answer to the question of whether he still had something to prove in Europe. I scored a lot for the national team and in the Champions League and the Europa League. If I had not proved myself, I would not be sitting here right now

When it came to his advanced age for the umpteenth time, its not unusual for strikers to retire at 33, Zahavi was referring to someone who, in his eyes, flouts all age laws.

I saw Zlatan Ibrahimovic score twice yesterday in Serie A, on his 39th. He doesnt look like someone who is going to quit quickly. I just want to enjoy and not look too far ahead