PSV fails to hit jackpot: Europa League earnings cut by half

PSV is stranded in sight of the harbor. The team of coach Ruud van Nistelrooij is struggling against Rangers FC. As a result, not the Champions League gold mine awaits, but the much less lucrative Europa League. VoetbalScoop lists what PSV is now getting in revenue.
For PSV, after four years, participation in the billion-dollar ball was beckoning again, where at least 32.22 million euros was waiting for the club. However, the deception was big on Wednesday evening. Like all other clubs eliminated in the Champions League playoffs, PSV gets a five million euro good maker.
It is a cloth for bleeding, because in the second European club tournament there is a lot less to earn. The starting premium in the Europa League is‘ only ‘3.63 million, compared to 15.64 million in the Champions League. The coefficient premium is also considerably lower. PSV will start the tournament as at least number seven of that ranking. The opposite is 3.4 million euros. For each position that the club climbs, that is 132,000 euros more.
The revenues from the market pool are also lagging behind in the Europa League. It is estimated that this is one million, of which about half a million for PSV. The revenue from ticket sales, the so-called recettes, is also likely to be somewhat less, between three and four million euros.
This means that PSV is assured of around 16,030,000 euros. That compares sharply with the Champions League: the people of Eindhoven had raked in pretty much double there. Another crucial difference: in the billion-dollar ball, the counter rises much faster with good performance. In the Europa League, a win yields 630,000 euros and a draw 210,000 euros. In the Champions League, this was 2.8 million and 930,000 euros respectively.
For PSV, the grapes are very acidic. Rival Ajax is assured of at least forty million in income, which means that the financial differences between the Dutch top clubs will certainly not decrease this season.
This is what PSV earns in the Europa LeagueChampions League loser premium: 5 million Starting premium: 3.63 millionCoefficientsPremium: 3.4 million Market pool: 0.5 millionRecettes: 3.5 millionTotal: 16.03 million euro