“PSV has pulled his hands off Ihattaren, its over.”

It wont work out between PSV and Mohamed Ihattaren anymore. That tells Valentine Driessen. According to the chef football of De Cceit, the Eindhoven club decided to stop spending time and energy in the nineteen year old playmaker.
I heard they took the hands off him. That it
s over, says Driessen Friday night at Veronica Inside. Last year, under Mark van Bommel, he was still the great revelation, the man of thirty or forty million. A year later with Roger Schmidt its over, the journalist surprises.
Clubwatcher Rik Elfrink of the Eindhovens Dagblad confirms Driessen
s lecture. I think Valentines Day is pretty warm. Youre always on a very thin line in a situation like this. For the same money, he falls in another ten minutes and shoots two in. If he gets into his head, gosh, I have to do it completely differently… He is also influenced by Jan and everyone, of course. Hes a nineteen boy, managing this world is incredibly complicated for him.
According to Elfrink, PSV experiences it as a
real defeat that Ihattaren threatens to leave through the back door. They really talked to him a lot. If you have trained such a boy for ten years, then you want to reap the benefits. If not, no club will like it.