‘PSV listens to Schmidt: new turf, presumably for three months’

PSV will listen to a request from trainer Roger Schmidt. The turf in the Philips Stadium will be replaced in the coming days, after the German expressed itself negatively about the field.
The grass in the Philips Stadium has not been in good condition in the last few weeks. During Sundays league game with sc Heerenveen, the plagues flew around. Schmidt announced afterwards that he was not satisfied with the PSV field. The German joked that his team can never be champion in this way and said he hoped for a new turf.
Half a week later, Eindhovens Dagblad manages to report that Schmidt is getting his way: at PSV, people are going to work to replace the field in the stadium. The club has now called for several stewards to get the job done. There are two reasons for the fact that the Eindhoven people choose a turf change: because of the football itself, but also because of the risk of injury.
Normally, PSV replaces the turf annually, in June. The ED believes there is a chance that it will happen again this season. That would mean that PSV will only play on this new field for a few months.