PSV on report: highest mark is for Benítez, no less than five inadequacies

PSV failed to win at the start of the group stage of the Europa League on Thursday. The people of Eindhoven were unable to break pots and tied 1-1 against Bodø/Glimt. VoetbalScoop distributes figures to the PSV members.
Walter Benítez — 7: Bodö‘s first shot at goal was a direct hit in Eindhoven. Benítez was not the main culprit, but the nice swipe seemed sustainable for the Argentine goalie. He rebounded with two outstanding rescues. Especially his save in the closing seconds was great.
Phillipp Mwene – 5: At the Philips Stadium, Mwene played an anonymous match. However, when he had to take action, things often went wrong, such as the 0-1, when he gave Bodø striker Albert Grønbaek plenty of time and space to shoot nicely.
Jordan Teze — 5.5: Defensively, Teze didn’
t do badly, but the Dutch international looked very insecure and blindly punched many balls that came near him. That‘s something we’re not really used to from Teze.
Armando Obispo — 5: The left-footed stopper was also unable to provide PSV with a creative impulse in the structure, which kept the game of the people of Eindhoven very static. It‘s just hard to count on Obispo for that, since that’s not his quality. Without a ball, Obispo is normally often ruthless, but that didn‘t always come out against Bodø/Glimt.
Phillip Max — 4,5: He hasn’
t been in great shape for a long time, but against Bodø/Glimt, the German was the worst man on the field. Max looked insecure and handed in a number of balls incomprehensible. In addition, the left back was played out several times and showed far too little commitment in the changeover. Ruud van Nistelrooij will hope that Mauro Júnior will get fit again very soon.
Joey Veerman — 5: Veerman didn‘t do crazy things at first like some of his teammates, but the midfielder couldn’t help PSV out of trouble. For his actions, Veerman was too sloppy and sometimes absent. In time of injury, he just let his husband walk, but Benítez saved him.
Xavi Simons — 6: The revelation of PSV started the game strongly, then subsided a bit and was more present in the second half. However, Simons was unlucky at times and was therefore unable to tap his highest level, which succeeded several times earlier this season.
Ibrahim Sangaré — 6: He also suffered ball loss unnecessarily often, but Sangaré was one of the few PSV members who sometimes did something surprising. Once upon a time, that also provided a great opportunity. Still, other players have to pull the bandwagon creatively at PSV.
Ismael Saibari — 5.5: Saibari worked hard. He just didn‘t exactly excel in the Europa League game. The multifunctional attacker was menacing, but also failed to take advantage of his opportunities.
Yorbe Vertessen — 4.5: In his first basic game of the season, Vertessen once again showed that speed is his biggest weapon. At the ball, however, it was very mediocre what the Belgian showed, with his miss in the first half as a low point. He was therefore switched after an hour of play.
Cody Gakpo — 6.5: The Einwizard was not constantly against Bodö either. He showed what he has to offer at times and was threatening a number of times, but in certain phases Gakpo also delivered the ball too easily. With his goal, Gakpo eventually got up, but he couldn’
t lead his team to victory either.
Invaders Sávio – x: Played too short for a review.
Anwar El Ghazi — x: Played too short for a review.