PSV season ticket holders continue to pay the same despite inflation: ‘Against power’

Despite the relatively high inflation rate, PSV leaves the price for seasonal cards unchanged in the new football year. The Eindhoven people want to match their supporters after the past two years, in which the stadium visitor had to deal with many restrictions.
Commercial director Frans Janssen says in conversation with the Eindhovens Dagblad that PSV does not opt for price increase. โ€œWe‘re going against the current this time,โ€ he says. โ€œFootball comes from a difficult period. We’ve been asking a lot from our season ticket holders over the past two years, who were unable to attend a lot of games.โ€
โ€œOf course, we too see that costs are increasing and inflation has risen enormously, but we think it is more important to send this signal than to make it a little more expensive again.โ€ In the future, PSV will be able to choose a higher price for season cards again. โ€œBut certainly not coming season,โ€ Janssen concludes.