‘PSV sees wish fulfilled: Felipe returns to native Brazil’

According to the Eindhoven Dagblad, PSV has finally said goodbye to Luis Felipe. The stopper made a switch to Cruzeiro in his native Brazil. It is reported that PSV still has a resale rate left over to the deal.
A month ago, it became clear that Eindhoven residents wanted to get rid of Felipe. The 21-year-old defender earned a hefty salary with PSV, because he is a non-EU player. Reportedly, the number two of the Netherlands even wanted to participate in a free exit, but it hasn‘t come that far.
Felipe is now moving to Cruzeiro, the current second-level frontrunner in Brazil. PSV does not seem to have a transfer fee left to the sale, but it does have a resale rate. The height of this is unknown.
In total, Felipe played one game in PSV’
s main force. Last season, the counter stood at fourteen games in the Kitchen Champion Division on behalf of Young PSV. In the final duels of the season, the South American was in the base, after sitting on the bench for a while.

PSV has finally bid farewell to Brazilian Luis Felipe (21), who also debuted in PSV 1, and left for Cruzeiro in his home country. PSV maintains a resale rate, which can make money if it could break there.
— Rik Elfrink (@RikElfrink) July 6, 2022