PSV simply deals with weak Sturm Graz and has the advantage on the closing day.

PSV can still reach the knockout phase of the Europa League. The formation of trainer Roger Schmidt did what it had to do against Sturm Graz and sent the weak Austrians back home with a 2-0 defeat.
The PSV fans who watched on the phone screens right outside the Philips Stadium will have seen that their team did not give the impression that no victory would be booked. Possession was for the Eindhoven, the odds were for Carlos Vinรญcius and only the goals remained out for a while. It wasnt until just before the rest it was hit.
The referee put the ball on the spot after an offence on Mario Gรถtze and so Vinรญcius was allowed to build from eleven meters. Despite the fact that the Brazilian striker shot in very moderate, the keeper of Sturm Graz couldn
t turn the ball and the Schmidt team earned a lot at 1-0.
Even after rest, the guests from Austria could not break pots and PSV simply stayed upright. It was waiting for the 2-0 and it fell after 55 minutes. Ritsu Doans preparatory work was particularly fine and the completion of Bruma could be characterized as cold-blooded, doubling the margin and playing the game. PSV was no longer in trouble and saw another goal by Yorbe Vertessen being rejected.
PSV is now rising to place two in group B. of the Europa League. On the closing day, in a direct game with Real Sociedad, it will decide which team will go with AS Monaco to the next round of the Europa League and which team should enter the Conference League after the turn of the year. The Eindhoven people have enough to get a run in Anoeta to come second and, with some luck, could even be a group winner.