PSV trainer Schmidt counts on Lammers against FC Groningen on Sunday

Trainer Roger Schmidt of PSV expects to be able to use striker Sam Lammers at the start of the premier league in and against Groningen on Sunday. “I’ll take that as a starting point”, he looked ahead to the competition opening on Friday.

Lammers has set his sights on a foreign adventure and enjoys serious interest from the Italian Atalanta Bergamo. However, PSV, which had already reached verbal agreement with the striker on contract renewal, is not waiting for him to leave.


“He has finished a good preparation and is motivated. He is a 100 percent professional. I know the rumours and his wish to leave, but I have no doubt that he will be there on Sunday. That doesn’t mean he’s playing,” Schmidt said. “I would like Lammers to serve out his contract, but I am not going to do that

PSV finished fourth in last season’s unfinished league, opponent FC Groningen ninth. The first league game has a spicy touch. Arjen Robben, for many years mainstay in Eindhoven, returned this summer to the northern club where he started his career in professional football.

Return Robben

Schmidt, who, as trainer of Bayer Leverkusen, has in the past regularly had to deal with Robben at Bayern Munich, does not only focus on the presence of the experienced wing attacker with the opponent. “It is good for the premier league that he has returned. Robben is a key player for FC Groningen, but we don’t just focus on him”

Schmidt cannot appeal to the injured ร‰rick Gutiรฉrrez and Armindo Obispo on Sunday. It remains to be seen whether Armindo Bruma can be deployed. “We are ready for the competition start. We are able to play the football we want for ninety minutes. All we need now is to play league games’