PSV tried to hijack the Van de Ven deal, thats very striking

PSV tried to bring in Micky van de Ven at the very last minute, says Ajax-watcher Mike Verweij. The twenty-year-old defender alone agreed to VfL Wolfsburg, the club he eventually went to.
โ€œPSV apparently didn‘t get what they wanted on the transfer market,โ€ Verweij begins in De Cceit’s football podcast. โ€œWe received a message, which was also checked, that PSV attempted another attempt to bring Micky from de Ven to Eindhoven at 5.30 PM on Tuesday. That‘s very striking, because this does indicate that Carlos Vinรญcius alone wasn’t enough. So they chess on other boards as well.โ€
โ€œWolfsburg was so far enough that the papers arrived at FC Volendam at 6 pm,โ€ Verweij continues. โ€œThen it was complete, but PSV tried to hijack the deal. I think this happened when it became known that Viergever is leaving for Germany.โ€
Feyenoord would have also been close to the arrival of Van de Ven. โ€œFeyenoord was in principle with FC Volendam,โ€ says Verweij. The left-leg finally cated to Germany for 3.5 million euros.