Psychological detective thriller Sanity of Morris is released in March

Dutch studio Alterego Games, known for the knitted adventure Woven, and publishing house StickyLock Games have named the release date for the adventure game Sanity of Morris. She will appear on March 23 on RS and Xbox and PlayStation consoles, both new and past generations. The main character of Sanity of Morris is looking for her father.

He was fond of conspiracy theories, believed in the reality of aliens and claimed that the government was hiding their arrival. Now he disappeared, and his house is flooded with strange plants.

Players will be armed only with a flashlight and a notebook, and with their help they have to untangle the detective story, finding evidence of sanity Morris. When meeting with enemies, you will have to resort to stealth, and events in the mansion will make you doubt the state of your own psyche.

Sanity of Morris looks like a grim psychological horror, but developers claim that they love surprises and that in their game everything may not be what it seems. More on CCeit To work on Midnight Ghost Hunt attracted architects Endless racing game