Psychological horror Chasing Static will be released on October 14 โ€” fresh trailer

Ratalaika and developers from Headware Games have revealed the release date of the upcoming psychological horror Chasing Static on October 14 on PC. The console owners will have to wait until 2022. Chasing Static is set in North Wales and we play as a hero named Chris Selwood โ€” after the death of his father meets an acquaintance of a waitress who falls victim to a macabre supernatural attack.

Facing monsters and spirits, Chris sets out to unravel the mysteries of an abandoned town. Along the way, the hero will have to use a special device to help track the secrets left behind by ghosts.

No hurry โ€” developers encourage exploration of the game world, which is filled with various puzzles and dangerous enemies. Chasing Static is reminiscent of classic horror stories the same oppressive atmosphere, frightening finds, and streets inhabited by something otherworldly.

Chasing Static is supposed to take about two hours to complete. More on Gamemania Former producer Splinter Cell joined Amazon Games Evil Genius 2 received a free Portal style add-on Collect an Army of Darkness and take over the world โ€” showed fresh gameplay of V Rising.