Psychological thriller Luto will talk about depression

Studio Broken Bird Games and publishing house Lanzadera announced Luto first-person psychological horror. The game should be released on PlayStation consoles as well as personal computers. But it is not yet known if it will be available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 or only one of them.

Judging by the first teaser, Luto is another of the games inspired by the legendary P. T.

Demo. what we are shown is a grim labyrinth of half-dark rooms and corridors.

And against the background there is speculation about hell that deprives a person of hope. Judging by the description, we have to deal with a person plunged into a deep depression.

His mind becomes his prison, and fill it with the worst of his memories. We are promised the darkest setting of possible and inescapable feeling of anxiety.

About the dates of Lutos release yet nothing is reported. More on Gambling Absurd Adventure Suicide Vegetables are about to take out on Kickstarter For victories in Tactical Squad: SWAT Stories will need a thoughtful strategy Battle of Garbage in Garbage will unfold on June 4.