Psychonauts 2 authors dont have budget to add support for new languages

Psychonauts 2 came out the other day turned out to be a good game, but one of its shortcomings noted by users was the lack of translation into many languages, including Russian. subtitles in Russian, players began underestimating the second โ€œPsychonautsโ€ rating on Metacritic, placing the game โ€œzerosโ€ . At the same time, as reported by Double Fine Studio Manager, given the scope of the project, adding support for even one additional language will require developers to make a lot of effort โ€” and budget.

Which, alas, the studio doesn‘t have. Even more so if it comes to languages with a different alphabet, such as Chinese, which is also requested by many users.

Psychonauts 2 creators would like to add support for more languages in the future, but not ready to make any promises yet. Recall Psychonauts 2 was released on August 25 on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.

We appreciated the toy: Although it can’t be described as a comedy as the original, the sequel still turned out to be worthy. If you‘re liking the first part, skipping the second is in no way no.

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