Psychonauts 2: Story Trailer, Gameplay Recording, Interviews and Mass Previews

The release of one of this years most anticipated games, a sequel to iconic platformer Psychonauts, is nearing. And there was a whole volley of material on Psychonauts 2 on the net: previews, interviews, recordings of passages. For starters, Double Fine Productions published a plot trailer for the project.

In the game, our old acquaintance Rasputin Aquato is no longer a schoolboy. He started working for the psychonauts, an international psychic espionage organization, but it didnt go too smoothly from the start.

New villains come into play, the oddity is only that some of them are long dead. Almost eighteen minutes of gameplay are published on the Game Informer channel.

This entry shows snippets of the demo: Rasputin overcomes a wide variety of obstacles, fights fantastic monsters, collects bonuses and signs of his own memories. our hero finds himself in a kind of dental nightmare.

He then awaits a journey through a mad cooking show and a lot of adventures in a vast repository of knowledge. A number of preliminary reviews of Psychonauts 2 appeared on the network.

And they all agree in a unified opinion: the sixteen-year wait was not in vain. The plot has become deep, fights have only benefited from the need to apply mental skills more often, the locations are good insane, and this makes up for the technical simplicity of the picture.

Tim Shafer gave a number interviews, and in one of them he compares the original and sequel to โ€œPsychonautsโ€ to the film series โ€œBack to the Futureโ€. At the end of the first film, the characters fly off on โ€œDeloreanโ€, and its very easy to make a sequel to that.

Similarly, the original game concludes with the leader of โ€œPsychonautsโ€ abducted. I put many possible plot leads into the first game.

Then they found themselves a little suspended in the air. If we didnt have the opportunity to make a sequel, the mistelling wouldnt be a tragedy, but how nice it is to pick up all these plot tails in the sequel, expand and finally complete as Believe.

Tim ShaferPsychonauts 2 will be released on August 25 on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 (backward compatibility). On the day of release, the game will be available on Xbox Game Pass.

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