Psychotic Roman shoots two children

A 35-year-old psychotic man shot two 3-8-year-old brothers playing park on Sunday in the Ardea municipality south of Rome, and an 84-year-old passers-by.

After his act, the murderer, Andrea Pignani, hiding in a villa. He was surrounded by the police there. When it raided after a few hours, it turned out that Pignani had committed suicide with the same gun he used to commit the three murders.

A fight between the father of the two children and Pignani preceded the murder. At least eyewitnesses say that. The father was grounded. โ€œFor a little bit of drugs, while that man had a gun and wasnt controlled by anyone. And look what he did!โ€ , he shouted desperately afterwards.

There had often been neighborhood problems with the killer, and he had also threatened people with death.