Psychotics Bloody Adventure Colossus Down to be released on PS4 and Switch

Independent studio Mango Protocol announced it was expanding its reach to violence and brutality. Psychotic‘s Colossus Down anime adventure is out on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. This will happen on January 28.

Colossus Down takes place in the same universe as the games Psychotic’s Mechanika and Psychotic‘s Agatha Knife, released in 2015 and 2017 respectively. Her main character, Nika, hates everything that is not cool: textbooks, short shelf life, vegetarians, vulgar dresses, boring video games and pea soups.

To deal with everything that annoys her, Nika collected a combat robot mechanic. She was joined by Agatha’s friend with the meat-eating god, the Great Bleeding Cartilage.

Together with them, players will have to go through 18 levels solo or in a co-op with another. In December last year Psychotic‘s Colossus Down debuted on RS and Xbox One.

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