PUBG Authors Release Movie in the Universe โ€” Backstory of Battle Royale

The creators of PlayerUnknown‘s Battlegrounds released a 9-minute film in the game’s universe telling the backstory of the appearance of a local battle royal. Ground Zero‘s 9-minute short shows prison where prisoners were offered money for the murder of Kanjae Ma, held in a separate cell. Just to deal with it by no one’s strength โ€” not the crowd or the strongest fighters.

And even the gun-armed guards who filmed the assassination attempt are unable to stop the hero. However, it was this very shoot โ€” or rather, the kaseta โ€” that was the basis for the creation Battlegrounds.

The film was bought by a Russian, who was a great success thanks to her and decided to come up with a royal beatw. The word, the film starred Korean actor Ma Dong-seok, best known for zombie horror โ€œTrain to Busanโ€ .

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