PUBG authors revealed teaser features of new map, Taego

PUBG creators followed the announcement of the date of the new map, Taego, revealed a teaser of new features available on a fresh location. Judging by the video, there will be two new rifles on the map and transport, as well as a large airdrop of several boxes at once, and apparently the ability to shoot down planes, resurrect dead team members (or himself?) as well as new mechanics related to the blue zone. Recall Taego card will be 8 by 8, and it will be released with a 12.

2 update release, i. e.

July 7 on PC and July 15 on consoles. More on Electronic Arts gaming has had to increase the capacity of Battlefield 4 Zenimax servers: The Elder Scrolls Online sequel will be released no sooner than Netflix 2 Hear: EA Play announces new Dead Space in July.