PUBG Mobile will add mode based on Metro: Exodus with raids on bandits

The creators of PUBG Mobile presented the details of the collaboration with Metro: Exodus, which was announced a couple of months ago by streamlined notes. As it turned out, fans of mobile battle royal are waiting for thematic Metro Royale mode. To do this, the familiar map Erangel has been extensively redone, filling it with a lot of familiar objects on the โ€œMetroโ€enemies, locations and even weapons like a silent rifle Tihar.

Moreover, specially for Metro Royale implemented a special rail vehicle and thermal imager for level studies and search of enemies, as well as new heavy armor with enhanced protection. familiar monsters One of the unique mechanics of the regime will be the opportunity to make raids on bandits camps in search of prey.

These are difficult enough battles, but also the reward will be a major one. You can prepare for the raid before the start of the match, looking at the black market – there you can buy supplies and sell prey.

Another innovation of Metro Royale was a command post – a social hub, where you can chat with the characters โ€œMetroโ€, learn their history and make special gifts. The more heroes favor the player – the more rewards will come from them.

However, collaboration with Metro: Exodus will not be the only significant addition for PUBG Mobile, which will add with the nearest update. In standard mode, the Battle Piano will add throwing weapons to shoot down the helmets of enemies and traps with spikes to stop the cars.

With the start of the new operation will be the battle pass 16 season with thematic awards on โ€œMetroโ€. For the purchase of a season ticket, players already on the first level will receive the appearance of Artem and Ani.

In addition, by the way, now PUBG Mobile on Android supports segmental data loading. Players will be able to choose what to download to reduce the size of the client.

The current base will take only 610 MB – this is 70% less than the old client of the game. .